Did you know?

Becoming a certified PEC instructor offers an exceptional opportunity to advance your safety career and make a difference in the safety of our industry’s workforce, while also enabling your organization to most cost-effectively meet its hiring clients’ training requirements. Here’s why there’s never been a better time to be a PEC instructor:




Ready to Go to Work & Win New Business

There are now 170 separate “Training Requirements” for contractors in place among the PEC hiring client base, most of which were added in the last 2 years. Maintaining PEC instructor credentials means your organization can quickly and cost effectively satisfy hiring client training requirements for PEC’s industry-standard training programs so that your team can go to work. And, the portability of PEC training credentials means your crews are already prepared to work for new clients that also require our industry-standard courses.

Rapidly-Growing Demand

Just in 2018, over 143,000 students took PEC Basic Orientation, the industry’s leading SafeLandUSA™ accredited safety orientation course. From 2016 to 2018, the number of students taking Basic Orientation has increased nearly 274%! And H2S Clear, which meets ANSI’s Z390.1 standard as revised in 2017, has become the industry standard in H2S safety training. Nearly 60,000 students were certified in H2S Clear in 2018 – an increase of nearly 500% since 2016. As more and more hiring clients adopt PEC training courses as part of their total PEC contractor management solution, the ability to deliver these courses via an in-house PEC instructor can make real business sense.

One-Stop-Shop for Best-in-Class Safety

PEC recognizes that our instructors are first and foremost safety professionals, and we strive to serve as your go-to resource for best-in-class training programs that are always up to date and that truly enhance your team’s safety awareness and help you develop your workforce. Here are some examples:

Core Compliance continues to be the curriculum of choice for those safety programs looking to take their general safety training to the next level. PEC now also offers Core Blend, which meets the same objective but uses both instructor-led and e-learning content. This new blended learning approach allows companies to accomplish Core training using fewer resources by saving instructors time and making course delivery more cost-effective.

PEC Safe Supervisor
Safe Supervisor is a brand-new leadership course that provides current and potential safety leaders with foundational knowledge needed to perform at a supervisory level. It covers key aspects of a supervisor’s job – including continuous crew assessments, communicating effectively, implementing change, dealing with difficult workers, and mitigating hazards – making it an excellent tool to develop future safety leaders within your company.

PEC Basic Pipeline
Basic Pipeline, a SafeLandUSA™ accredited course with additional content focused on specific hazards encountered when working in the midstream sector, was launched in late 2018. Several hiring clients have already chosen Basic Pipeline as their required contractor safety orientation, and, following our recent merger with Veriforce, a company with deep roots serving midstream operators, we expect to see demand for Basic Pipeline accelerate.

Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Content

PEC sets the standard for high-quality, standardized safety orientation and training programs. Our experts ensure PEC courses are always up to date with the latest regulations, standards, and technologies that impact our industry, so PEC instructors can be confident they’re delivering comprehensive, current information to their students.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our dedicated Training Support team is here to meet the unique needs of our instructor network and help keep the administration of PEC courses easy and efficient, allowing our instructors to stay focused on their students and their business.

Streamlined Course Administration

PEC continues to further digitize the administrative aspects of delivering our training programs, saving valuable time for our instructors and helping to eliminate the need to carry physical inventory of some course materials.

Ensuring Awareness of Training Requirements

Our dedicated Training Compliance Department proactively contacts our hiring clients’ network of over 11,000 contractors to ensure their awareness of mandated training requirements, helping to safeguard your team from showing up to work without the required training credentials.

Career Development

We’ve partnered with Columbia Southern University (CSU), a leading online educator that offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in HSE. Our Basic Orientation and Core Compliance Train-the-Trainer courses count towards CSU credit hours and each PEC instructor is offered a 10% discount on tuition, as well as textbooks at no cost, providing a unique educational opportunity to help further instructors’ careers.