In 1993, our founder started the Petroleum Education Council, PEC’s predecessor, by bringing key owner clients and contractors together in a shared mission to promote safety in the upstream oil and gas industry. PEC grew from this initial concept to reach across industries, developing industry-specific standardized safety questionnaires, industry’s largest network of authorized instructors, multiple safety orientations and training courses and a suite of SaaS-based risk mitigation tools, all powered by a team of industry experts.

1993: PEC’s founder Charlie Carr partnered with industry leaders to develop PEC Basic Orientation, which became the most widely-used safety orientation in the U.S. oil and gas industry.

1996: PEC continued to pioneer the safety industry with the introduction of the first Standardized Safety Questionnaire in 1996. PEC partnered with industry leaders, who shared best practices and a passion for safety, to develop a standardized contractor management system – the first of its kind.

1998: PEC Core Compliance, accredited by SafeLandUSA™ and SafeGulf, was developed by PEC to include the most requested health, safety, and environmental topics in the oil and gas industry.

2004: PEC launches Training Tracker, the first individual-based training record database and application for industry.

2008: PEC is selected by SafeLandUSA™ as its partner to host all SafeLandUSA™ records. PEC also launched upgrades to its Training Tracker, allowing more personalized features and functionality for worker training records. PEC’s Advanced Training Tracker also became available to our instructor network, with more support tools and services for our 15,000 contractors.

2010: PEC becomes the primary training provider for BP’s emergency response after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. PEC was able to train, track, and badge more than 150,000 first responders, in five different languages, across 60 locations in fewer than 90 days.

2013: PEC surpasses half a million trainings in SafeLandUSA™ Orientation.

2015: Designed to meet emerging ANSI Z390.1 standard requirements, PEC launches H2S Clear,the industry’s most widely adopted Hydrogen Sulfide safety training.

2016: As the number of pipelines around the U.S. continues to grow, PEC partnered with the Railroad Commission of Texas to develop Texas811, which provides valuable training on pipeline safety. Texas811 also takes an in-depth look at Texas’ underground pipeline damage prevention laws as outlined in the Texas Administrative Code.

PEC’s Mobile App was launched to the Google Play and Apple store, allowing a mobile look at training, badges, and worker qualifications. PEC’s mobile app features OSHA Alliance nationally-recognized hazard alerts, as well as PEC push alerts.

PEC continues to pioneer safety learning with the introduction of PEC Safe Construction, the first standardized safety orientation developed specifically for the construction industry.

The fifth generation of PEC’s Standardized Safety Questionnaire goes live, featuring compliance dashboards, enhanced reporting, project archiving, and extended integration capabilities. In the same year, PEC surpasses 350,000 students trained in SafeGulf Orientation. PEC also launches its new comprehensive eLearning platform to expand training capabilities via computer-based classes.

2017: PEC was chosen by Kinder Morgan and Colonial Pipeline – two of the largest energy infrastructure and pipeline companies in the U.S. – to develop the Midstream Training Qualifications (MTSQ) Core, enabling contractors and subcontractors to satisfy the necessary MTSQ requirements.

PEC introduces the Gold Shovel Module, which works to decrease onsite incidents and improve worker safety. Where adopted, Gold Shovel can reduce damages on professional excavation sites by 50 percent.

PEC surpasses 1 million students trained in the SafeLandUSA™ Orientation. That same year, PEC authorizes more than 1,000 H2S Clear Instructors across the United States.

With the launch of PEC Compliance Pro, PEC brought new levels of efficiency and success to our owner client and contractor network.

2018: To combat the shortage of qualified pipeline workers, PEC launched Basic Pipeline, a one-day orientation that meets SafeLandUSA™, Kinder Morgan and Colonial Pipeline Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ) requirements, and the Gold Shovel Standard certification.

As part of PEC’s continual effort to improve safety, we launched the PEC Operator Qualifications application, which allows hiring clients to seamlessly pre-verify contractors before they arrive onsite.