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Compliance Pro is a critical compliance software solution that enables companies to hire and manage safe and qualified contractors. Our software provides clients with the data, analysis, and reporting to qualify contractors for work.

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Our team is here to identify gaps in safety compliance, and we will work with you to identify areas where you can improve your safety practices.


PEC’s subscription pricing is the most affordable program for contractors. Our largest competitors charge around 50% more than PEC’s pricing model.

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Our team of safety experts are here to help you become compliant.

System Features

PEC Predictive

PEC has partnered with Predictive Solutions, world-renown experts in machine learning and predictive modeling for safety, to launch industry’s first Contractor Management Predictive Safety Tool, PEC Predictive.

PEC Predictive is an innovative and cutting-edge forecasting model powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to alert owner clients to contractors with a standard, elevated or high risk potential. Using predictive modeling we are able to rank a contractor’s risk level relative to their peers and provide that rank categorization to Owner Clients as an additional tool to prequalify their contractor base.

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Operator Qualifications (OQ)

PEC OQ allows hiring clients in midstream oil and gas to manage their pipeline contractors under the Operator Qualifications mandates from the Department of Transportation. This service is provided to hiring clients using PEC’s Compliance Pro at no additional charge.

Operator Qualifications allows clients to pre-verify workers prior to arriving onsite for work. Clients set up individual projects in our software, assign contractors and workers, and can immediately verify if they are qualified under the Operator Qualification mandates from the Department of Transportation.

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Safety Program Evaluations

We have expert safety professionals personally auditing each Standardized Safety Questionnaire, rather than a simple visual computer review. We identify gaps in coverage and work side-by-side with contractors to correct those deficiencies, ensuring a safer workplace for all.

PEC Directory

The PEC Contractor Directory empowers hiring clients to view your information, streamlining the pre-qualification and hiring process, and giving your company desired exposure. Find qualified contractors in new business areas or replace existing contractors.

Advanced Training Tracker

PEC’s Advanced Training Tracker records training records for any student who goes through one of PEC’s courses. Contractors and clients can access the site at any time to verify course records.

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