Ensure Your Workers’ Safety Readiness with an Industry Leading Safety Orientation

Standardized Safety Orientation is a Win for Workers and the Pipeline Operators Who Employ Them

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Learn about how requiring a standardized orientation like Basic Pipeline can improve the safety of workers on your jobsites.

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Ensure Your Workers’ Safety Readiness with an Industry Leading Safety Orientation

Standardized Safety Orientation is a Win for Workers and the Pipeline Operators Who Employ Them

Human error and negligence are among the top causes of preventable incidents and accidents in the oil and gas industry. The responsibility lies on midstream contractors to ensure workers are properly trained to work with a multitude of operators in environments deemed among the most dangerous workplaces in the United States. They can better prepare them and align their occupational health and safety knowledge with job duties by requiring contractors to complete a widely-accepted safety orientation prior to reporting to work.

Sending workers through a standardized safety orientation, or authorizing an in-house instructor to teach the course, efficiently and effectively prepares and trains workers to safely operate machinery and understand how to mitigate the unique safety hazards of pipeline operations. A highly recognized and widely accepted basic pipeline orientation gives workers the preparedness and portability they need to work for multiple operators; eliminates the time and expense of having to complete numerous, often redundant courses; and ultimately, leads to safer job sites.

Why Effective, Standardized Safety Orientation is Worthy of Time and Attention

Effective general safety training for contract personnel who work in gas and liquid pipeline operations, including instruction and best practices associated with operating complex machinery and handling of hazardous materials, isn’t a nice-to-have. The right training is a necessity with many important benefits, including:

  • Protects workers, job sites, and communities.
  • Reduces costly and potentially deadly mistakes.
  • Mitigates risks inherent with poor safety practices.
  • Clearly establishes your organization’s expectations regarding workers’ safety performance.
  • Extends safety culture throughout your workforce.
  • Increases workers’ confidence in their abilities and knowledge needed to perform their jobs, ultimately enhancing job satisfaction.

Contractors that demonstrate a commitment to safety–by preparing their workers prior to sending them to job sites–can be seen as more desirable hires in the work-bidding process.

Standardized, Verifiable Upfront Training Designed for Midstream

The right safety orientation meets the needs of contractors, their workers, and operators who employ them by providing highly-relevant, standardized, accredited training that is well recognized and easily verifiable.

Veriforce’s PEC Basic Pipeline orientation course does just that. This one-day safety orientation provides workers with a strong foundation of high-quality, instructor-led safety awareness training that’s tailored to the needs of pipeline workers. The course provides general safety information that workers need to know before entering a job site and while performing their assigned work duties, and is specifically designed to cover the hazards workers may encounter in the pipeline industry, providing best practices to mitigate those hazards.

The Basic Pipeline training addresses seven of the 2019 “Top 10” most frequently cited OSHA violations, including fall protection, hazard communication, lockout/tagout, respiratory protection, and personal protective and lifesaving equipment. It also addresses industry-critical topics, including working with Hydrogen Sulfide, confined space, hazardous materials, pipe handling, and OQ (Operator Qualification). Course participants gain a better understanding of their rights under OSHA and how those rights apply in the pipeline industry.

The Basic Pipeline training course is accredited by both SafeLandUSA™ and SafeGulf and includes Gold Shovel Standard certification. PEC/Veriforce is at the center of safety solutions for high-hazard work environments with a renowned safety training network of highly qualified instructors across the nation. Contractors can complete the training and gain access to job sites without having to repeat training they have already received elsewhere, saving them time and money.

The training is easy to verify, giving both contractors and operators the peace of mind that workers have met the minimum expectations for safety training before entering the job site. Upon successfully completing the course, the workers’ record is updated in PEC/Veriforce’s Advanced Training Tracker national database to reflect the certification. The workers’ PEC/Veriforce Digital ID card is updated via the PEC/Veriforce Mobile App and online verification portal for immediate verification.

Learn about how requiring a standardized orientation course like Basic Pipeline can improve the safety of workers on your job sites, providing peace of mind to all involved.