Customized Grants

PEC has been actively involved with the Department of Labor and a number of their various grant programs since 2000. With an entire department dedicated to the writing and administration of grants, PEC can not only research what funding is available for your company, but will walk you through the process from the initial steps to the final approval process. From there, all training records and other vital information are kept in a customized database that is second to none. Our record-keeping process has even been put forth as a Recommended Practice by the Incumbent Worker Training Department’s auditing group.  To find out how PEC can assist you in obtaining funding for training, contact our Grants Department at 1-800-892-8179.


IWTP (Incumbent Worker Training Program)
The Incumbent Worker Training Program is a partnership between the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), business and industry, and training providers. The IWTP is designed to benefit business and industry by assisting in the skill development of existing employees and thereby increasing employee productivity and the growth of the company. These improvements are expected to result in the creation of new jobs, the retention of jobs that otherwise may have been eliminated, and an increase in wages for trained workers.

Eligibility Criteria
Employers must:

  1. Have been in business in the state of Louisiana for at least three years, contributing to the workforce development training account, and be in full compliance with Louisiana’s UI laws
  2. Have at least 15 people to be trained
  3. Cannot be receiving Small Business Employee Training (SBET) concurrently

In addition, the employer’s request for training must be to:

  1. Prevent job loss caused by obsolete skills, technological change, or national or global competition
  2. Create, update, or retain jobs in a labor demand occupation
  3. Update or retain jobs in an occupation which is not a labor demand occupation, if the administer determines that the services are necessary to prevent the likely loss of jobs

Trainees must be incumbent workers whom the employer incurs UI tax liability for the state of Louisiana.
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Skills Development Fund
The Skills Development Fund program assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job training projects. This fund successfully merges business needs and local customized training opportunities into a winning formula to increase the skills level and wages of the Texas workforce.

During Fiscal Year 2005 (September 1, 2004 – August 31, 2005), TWC awarded 23 grants totaling $8,562,419, which served 95 businesses, generated 3,351 new jobs and upgraded the skills of 8,896 workers in existing jobs. For Fiscal Year 2007, TWC has $25 million in Skills Development Funds to support high quality, customized job training projects across the state. Grants for a single business may be limited to $500,000.

Applying for Skills Development Funds

Businesses and trade unions must partner with an eligible applicant in order to be considered for Skills Development Fund grants. Eligible applicants are public community or technical colleges, the Texas Engineering Extension Service or a community-based organization working in partnership with one of these institutions. For more detailed information, please see the Proposal Submission Guidelines.

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