PEC Safe Supervisor

Course Info

Length: 1-day Instructor-led Component with 2 Computer-based Testing Modules
Delivery Method: Instructor-led plus eLearning Components

PEC Safe Supervisor is a leadership course designed to provide an introduction to a supervisory position by defining the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor. Safe Supervisor gives current and potential safety leaders the foundational knowledge needed to perform at a supervisory level, taught by safety industry experts. This course includes key aspects of a supervisor’s job, including continuous crew assessments, communicating effectively, implementing change, dealing with difficult workers, and mitigating hazards.


Upon successful completion of the course, a student’s record is updated to reflect the certifications the student has met through this course on their PEC ID card and in PEC Training Tracker. Employers may verify student training on the PEC ID card or online at The student will also obtain the Safe Supervisor Certified credential for 2 years.

Course Components

  • A Supervisor’s Role and Responsibility
  • Activity: Supervisor Tasks
  • Activity: Supervisor Self-Assessment
  • Qualities of a Supervisor
  • Video: Setting an Example and Positive vs. Negative Attitudes
  • Leadership
  • Supervisor Expectations
  • Supervisor Training
  • Video: A Supervisor’s Responsibility to Their Crew
  • Supervisor Toolbox
  • Knowing Your Crew
  • Activity – Crew Assessment
  • A Supervisor’s Responsibility to Safety
  • What are the Principles of Leadership?
  • Activity: Supervisor Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Attitude
  • Activity: Attitude Assessment
  • Delegation
  • Activity: Crew Assessment – Delegation
  • Time Management
  • Activity: Create a Time Management Plan
  • Communication
  • Activity: Communication Feedback
  • Activity: Crew Assessment – Communication
  • Video: Communication
  • Safety Culture
  • Implementing Changes
  • Hazard Recognition and Identification Tools
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Observations
  • Safety Meetings
  • Conducting Inspections
  • Incident and Accident Investigation
  • Feedback and Disciplining Workers
  • Video: Six Steps of Proper Feedback
  • Activity: Handling Difficult Conversations
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