Core Blend: An Innovative Blended Learning Approach for Industry

At PEC Safety, we understand the safety needs of our clients and the learning needs of  students. 

Not all students learn the same. Some soak up information from traditional classroom settings with ease, while others prefer self-paced training with digital components.

At PEC Safety, we understand the safety needs of our clients and the learning needs of  students.

That’s why we’ve transformed one of our most trusted safety programs to increase course flexibility for clients, contractors, instructors, and students.  Core Blend, a new take on PEC’s Core Compliance, integrates instructor-led classroom time with digital learning components.

PEC Core Compliance, an instructor-led three day course, is still the ideal learning program for the full immersive classroom environment. But Core Blend is immeasurably useful for individuals who need more flexibility and self-paced learning modules.

So what is blended learning?

This innovative blended course allows students to complete an industry-leading safety training program without spending three full days in a classroom. Blended learning, which most frequently incorporates traditional face-to-face instruction with digital courses, hands students the reigns to their own education. Integrated online components cater to the unique learning styles of each student.

Self-paced learning breaks down traditional teaching methods that rarely work for all students. With access to current technological resources, we can tailor sections of our industry-leading safety programs to each individual.

PEC Core Blend provides the same content and credentials as PEC Core Compliance, but only requires two days in an instructor-led classroom environment. SafeLandUSA™ and SafeGulf components are led by qualified instructors in the classroom; students then complete nine digital learning chapters at their own pace – digital courses they can take anywhere, at any time. Students can “bookmark” their progress in each module, allowing for the most flexibility of any industry-wide safety training.

What are the benefits of self-paced learning?

Core Blend gives students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Self-paced course work and digital module exercises connect individual learning styles. Workers are properly trained without losing valuable time on the jobsite, designating Core Blend as the most cost effective and efficient safety training on the market.

Market research has proven that blended learning initiatives lead to more engaged students, keeps learners focused for longer, and gives students autonomy over their own education.

What does Core Blend encompass?

More complex materials are still taught in-person by an authorized PEC instructor, so there’s no confusion when it comes to life-saving training. Core Blend covers more than 40 health, safety, and environmental (HSE) topics most requested by the oil and gas industry. This innovative training program includes the accredited SafeLandUSA™ and SafeGulf course, making Core Blend an effective and efficient choice to be a combination of instructor-led training and digital learning components.

PEC’s expert safety development team cultivated Core Blend based on extensive customer feedback. Working together, PEC can help you – and your clients – build a better, safer industry.