Blended Learning

PEC offers a full suite of learning materials, from one-day orientations to comprehensive programs that meet OSHA training requirements on 23 topics – all updated if industry standards change. PEC also provides the most widely used H2S safety course that meets and exceeds the new ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017 standard.

SafeLandUSA™ & SafeGulf

Several of PEC’s programs are SafeLandUSA™- or SafeGulf-accredited. If a worker has completed SafeLand or SafeGulf, they will be in PEC’s database regardless of who did the training or where it was performed.

Advanced Training Tracker

PEC’s Advanced Training Tracker records training records for any student who goes through one of PEC’s courses. Contractors and clients can access the site at any time to verify course records.


PEC’s learning programs are standardized across the board, reaching more than 3,000 instructors across the nation. Our courses eliminate the guesswork of hiring qualified employees while significantly decreasing the cost of training an entire workforce.


PEC’s training records are meticulously audited, starting with a rigorous application process for potential PEC Instructors to a manual review of each student’s course assessments. This stringent verification ensures workers have the qualifications they need to stay safe on the job site.