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PEC Predictive: Innovative, Advanced Machine Learning Incident Prediction

12 Nov 2018

PEC’s latest safety tool, PEC Predictive, is industry’s most powerful tool for predicting the likelihood of an incident. 

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​What Change Looks Like: ANSI/ASSE Z390.1 – 2017

9 Nov 2018

Known as “The Silent Killer,” Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is one of the leading causes of workplace gas inhalation deaths in the U.S.

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Core Blend: An Innovative Blended Learning Approach for Industry

31 Oct 2018

At PEC Safety, we understand the safety needs of our clients and the learning needs of  students. 

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Contractor managment

PEC OQ Works for You!

18 Sep 2018

With PEC’s new OQ software, hiring clients and contractors save time and money.

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​A Pipeline to Safety

1 Aug 2018

PEC Basic Pipeline course covers pipeline-specific hazards and mitigation and awareness level safety information.

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Contractor managment Industry Solutions
​Comply Like A Pro: PEC’s Compliance Pro

​Streamlining safety compliance for operators and contractors.

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Community Involvement Contractor managment
​Take a Hike!

Assuming the desired outcome is a zero TRIR score for you and your companions, there are a number of precautions before hitting trails.

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Logistics Safety
​Infographic: Ladder Safety

​Nearly 1 in 4 fatal falls in construction were from ladders. Read more from PEC about ladder safety.

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Safety Solutions
​Infographic: Abrasive Blasting

Learn safety tips from PEC about Abrasive Blasting.

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