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PEC and Veriforce Merge to Create Comprehensive Supply Chain Safety and Compliance Platform

15 May 2019

PEC partners with Columbia Southern Education Group to boost Instructor educational opportunities

25 Apr 2019

​What Change Looks Like: ANSI/ASSE Z390.1 – 2017

9 Nov 2018

Known as “The Silent Killer,” Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is one of the leading causes of workplace gas inhalation deaths in the U.S.

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PEC Predictive: Innovative, Advanced Machine Learning Incident Prediction

12 Nov 2018

PEC’s latest safety tool, PEC Predictive, is industry’s most powerful tool for predicting the likelihood of an incident. 

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Core Blend: An Innovative Blended Learning Approach for Industry

31 Oct 2018

At PEC Safety, we understand the safety needs of our clients and the learning needs of  students. 

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Contractor managment Energy Featured H2S Industry News Solutions
PEC OQ Works for You!

With PEC’s new OQ software, hiring clients and contractors save time and money.

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Industry Safety Topics
​Preparing for the Worst: ​Emergency Action Plans Saves Lives

Natural disasters can strike at any time, putting workers in danger of injury, illness, or death.

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​In Memorium | PEC celebrates Terry Kirkpatrick, longtime Instructor and Friend

Terry Kirkpatrick, longtime PEC instructor, passed away Friday, Aug. 17, 2018.

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Industry News
​Heralding the Future | ​High-Tech Advancements for a Safer Worksite

With recent advancements, we're making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate all of PEC's customizable solutions.

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Announcements Contractor managment Safety
​PEC Safety Reaches 100 Owner Clients Milestone

PEC reached its milestone 100th owner client participating in the leading contractor management network. It's time to celebrate!

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Chemical Contractor managment Energy Industry Pipeline Safety Solutions
​A Pipeline to Safety

PEC Basic Pipeline course covers pipeline-specific hazards and mitigation and awareness level safety information.

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Announcements Safety
​PEC Safety Sponsors Stop the Hurt Awards, Permian Basin STEPS Meeting

PEC is in the process of launching the new and improved website. Stay tuned to see all of the feautres come to life in the near future.

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Agriculture Safety
​Infographic: UV Safety

Overexposure to UV radiation can cause more than just a sunburn.

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Chemical Construction Contractor managment Logistics
​Infographic: Lightning Safety

Be sure to review your company's severe weather plan and remember: when thunder roars, go indoors.

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