A New Look to Your Compliance Partner

For over 25 years, PEC has been the most trusted safety & compliance partner for industry, & we're excited to launch our new brand.


For over 25 years, PEC has been the most trusted safety and compliance partner for industry. Over the past two decades, PEC has partnered with industry to pioneer safety learning and compliance solutions for hundreds of clients, thousands of instructors, and millions of workers.

  • Today, we’re launching a new brand that reflects the pillars of our founding mission to bring workers home safe:
  • The innovation of our technology;
  • The boldness of our approach to pioneering safety and compliance solutions;
  • The vibrance of our partnerships – the cornerstone of the largest interconnected safety network in the world;
  • And, above all, our unwavering commitment to PEC’s founding mission to help bring workers home safe to their families.

PEC is the fastest-growing contractor management solution in the world. Our new brand showcases our strengths and those of our partners, while highlighting the people at the core of our mission.

We are excited for our future of continued innovation, safety pioneering and valuable partnerships. We hope you are, too.