​Heralding the Future | ​High-Tech Advancements for a Safer Worksite

With recent advancements, we're making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate all of PEC's customizable solutions.

At PEC, we are continuously improving our customers’ experience through our team of dedicated technology experts. With recent advancements in our Saas-based solutions, we’re making it easier than ever to seamlessly integrate all of PEC’s customizable safety and learning solutions.

We have a dedicated development team working to develop PEC’s new version of SMART (Site Management Access in Real Time), which will improve onsite security and contractor compliance for client’s site requirements. Those advancements will validate workers’ trainings, picture, and contractor insurance verification up to the minute, ensuring contractor’s employees have the appropriate training before beginning work. We have working code on our development server and encourage you to reach out to us if you would like to know how to access it.

Our Training Software Development Team is also integrating PEC’s eLearning platform (CBT), which is the first step to creating a single identity to be used across all PEC applications. This account will live with the student for life, and allows individuals to manage their training while serving as the direct connection between PEC and workers.

The OQ development team has continue implementing new features to the product, and it has a lot of potential for diversifying our client portfolio into the midstream market.

With these advancements in our Saas-based technology solutions, we will continue on the path we’ve pioneered since our founding 25 years ago: to bring workers home safe from high-hazard jobs.