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​A Pipeline to Safety

PEC Basic Pipeline course covers pipeline-specific hazards and mitigation and awareness level safety information.

​New PEC Orientation Mitigates Pipeline Risks

Safety of employees must be a core value for a successful company. But in order for a company to be successful they need employees with adequate knowledge and skills to safely perform their job duties and to improve their performance in their current roles. Part of this knowledge is having a basic understanding of the job tasks and common hazards associated with the work to be performed.

This is especially true for workers who are new to an industry or type of work. In most cases, companies will make every attempt to hire seasoned employees, but in cases where the amount of available work and production needs are surpassing the amount of skilled laborers, that can be a difficult task.

Pipelines in the U.S. are expanding at an astonishing rate.

With the increased capacity of oil and gas production, especially in the Permian Basin, there are not enough pipelines to handle the increasing volume. According to an article from the Pipeline & Gas Journal in March 2018, “Increasing constraints and projected output have triggered a race to build or expand pipelines to deliver Permian crude to Gulf Coast refineries and export terminals. At least 2.4 MMbpd of potential new Permian oil pipeline capacity has been proposed by a half-dozen operators.”

Because of this void in laborers, new workers will be brought into the industry.

These workers may not be familiar with the industry or industry terminology, the hazards associated with work in the pipeline industry, heavy equipment used during pipeline work, safe work practices associated with pipeline tasks, or familiarity with safety equipment needed to perform certain tasks.

The pipeline industry has done a fantastic job ensuring pipeline workers are qualified to perform covered tasks on pipelines; however, to date there have not been any standardized orientation or general safety awareness trainings for pipeline workers – until now.

PEC Safety has developed an orientation training for workers in the pipeline industry called PEC Basic Pipeline.

The introductory orientation course covers pipeline-specific hazards and mitigation and awareness level safety information in order to ensure standardized basic safety principles across all levels of pipeline employees. This course will allow workers to receive credit for SafeLandUSA™, Kinder Morgan and Continental Pipeline’s MSTQ requirements, excavation training (which meets the Gold Shovel requirements), and SafeGulf (if applicable).

PEC is excited to be introducing this course to our course library and optimistic of its benefits to the Pipeline Industry. If you would like more information on our Basic Pipeline Course, visit the course page here.


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