SEMS Count Down: Three Months to Go

Mandeville, LA, August 11, 2011: Monday, August 15th, marks three months until the offshore oil and gas world must implement a sweeping new requirement known as Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS).  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement or BOEMRE has given offshore energy companies until November 15th to have their SEMS plans in place.  THE SEMS rules were put in place after the Macondo disaster last summer.

SEMS is a safety approach which ties together a company’s safety policies and practices into one system so that the company can identify risks to safety and the environment and address them.  BOEMRE estimates that implementing SEMS will cost oil and gas companies a total of nearly $2-billion a year.  However, the real impact may be felt by the thousands of service companies that work offshore and the hundreds of thousands of offshore workers they employ.  SEMS requires the oil and gas companies to evaluate the safety programs for all service companies, also known as contractors, and to ensure that all contractor employees have the proper training, skills and knowledge to do their jobs safely.

In order to help keep the industry informed on the impact of SEMS, PEC Premier has started a SEMS blog where it posts the latest news, interpretations and significant aspects of the safety requirement.  The PEC SEMS Blog can be found at

PEC Premier is a leader in providing tools for companies to evaluate the safety of contractors and providing industry with standardized safety training, as well as a range of services that help companies improve their safety performance.  PEC has developed a number of new services aimed at assisting the offshore oil and gas industry come into compliance with the SEMs rules.

For additional information on SEMS or to learn more about PEC Premier’s services, contact Ken Wells at or 800-892-8179.