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CAP Report Card

The CAP Report Card is designed to provide a “typical” Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ) score for your company, which then enables you to determine how most of the Operators score their contracting companies. Your CAP Report Card is an average score for your own internal use. This invaluable data can reveal your company’s strengths and weaknesses in your overall safety program. Each Operator uses the information in the SSQ to evaluate their contractors. The CAP Report Card gives you a good idea of how you measure up!

Industry Comparison Report: TRIR

Many Operators pay particular attention to a Contractor’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). This CAP benefit allows you to compare your company’s TRIR as recorded in your SSQ against actual TRIR data from other companies. The Industry Comparison Report shows this comparison for all services you have listed in your SSQ. This process is done anonymously, allowing you to compare your company with your competition!

Monthly Safety Meetings

The Monthly Safety Meetings are sent to you every month in PDF form. As you know, most Operators require conducting and documenting safety meetings. With this benefit, we greatly reduce our CAP subscriber’s need to develop their own safety meeting materials. Every month we provide a meeting presentation, quiz and student roster. All you have to do is conduct the meeting and file it. If your company is audited, you can be confident that this Operator requirement has been fulfilled! As an added benefit, Monthly Safety Meetings are kept in an archive which is accessible through the PEC website for you to go back and use at any time!

Advanced Training Tracker

This full-featured Advanced Training Tracker was officially released in January of 2009. With our Advanced Training Tracker, our customers are not only able to track their PEC training, but are also able to track any and all of their training, including in-house custom training courses and 3rd party training. For more information click here.

Advertising Assistance

As a CAP subscriber, PEC Premier will help you advertise your company in two important ways:

On your SSQ home page

Display your company logo, website link, and company description on your SSQ where Operators can see it. This will enable your company to stand out against the competition.

On PEC Premier’s website

Display your company name, address, logo, contact information, a brief company description and website link on the Current CAP Listing web page. This page is a public website to showcase your services and give your customers the ability to easily find you. Just one call or lead resulting in added business could pay for many years of your CAP subscription.

Document Uploads and Archive

With the ever-increasing need for more detail and documentation of your company’s safety programs, PEC Premier has added the benefit of file uploading and storage. With the click of a button you will be able to upload your company’s safety manuals, master service agreements, bridging documents and program lists, and other important documents. As a CAP subscriber PEC Premier will archive these records so you and your customers can have easy access to them at any time during or after your contract.