PEC leads the world in standardized safety orientations and training for industry.

Recognized for world-class safety orientations and training, PEC has trained over 1.3 million workers through our network of over 2,500 authorized instructors. Whether you need to train one worker or 10,000 workers, PEC has the experience and expertise to get it done.


PEC's Comprehensive Training Includes:

  • Online Advanced Training Tracker
  • Instructor-led and computer-based courses
  • Badging systems to validate worker credentials at the jobsite
  • Extensive course library to meet client and regulatory requirements


PEC Standardized Orientations and Training Courses


PEC Network of Instructors

PEC’s Team of Safety Professionals

Katie Hill, CSP
Richard Emberling, COSS
Reggie Booth, COSS
Gwen Parker
Gary Pohlmann
Chris Detillier, COSM
Shelby Simpson, COSM


PEC training does not only provide a library of standardized safety orientation and training materials, PEC training consists of a continuous process that involves:

Development of Training Material

Authorization and Vetting of Instructors

Verification of Student Training Records by PEC

Verified Training Database for Student Records

Issuing Student ID Cards

Monitoring and Updating Instructors and Materials

Superior Training Materials: PEC’s Training Development Team utilizes the latest training and learning techniques when creating a new standardized PEC course. All PEC courses are created to keep the student engaged and ensure a consistent course is taught across the vast PEC Instructor Network. This team also continuously monitors changes to industry standards, regulations, and best practices to update existing courses regularly.


Instructor Network: PEC has thousands of instructors across the United States and Canada authorized to teach PEC courses. Each instructor is rigorously vetted and must attend and successfully complete a PEC Train the Trainer program in the desired course the instructor wishes to teach. Yearly, all authorized PEC instructors complete an instructor update that consists of any updates to regulations, changes to materials or PEC’s policies and procedures, etc.


Student Records: After an authorized PEC instructor teaches a PEC course, all rosters, tests and other class documentation are submitted back to PEC (instructor also keeps copies for their records as per PEC policy and procedure). PEC verifies each student record to ensure that the course was properly completed and then enters each student record into a verified and secure database. Students’ PEC training records can be verified 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Digital and Physical ID Card: After a student successfully completes a PEC course and their record has been entered into the training database, the student is issued a digital and physical ID card. Each student is issued a physical ID card that includes the student’s name, picture, employer name, scannable barcode, course(s) completed, and course(s) expiration date. The digital ID card is available to the student via PEC’s App which is accessible via the Apple and Google Play app stores.


Lower TRIR With PEC Training

Contractors that implement PEC training with under 25 employees show a 77% reduction in TRIR. PEC Training reduced TRIR by 53% across all contractor companies, regardless of employee count.

All Companies
Companies with 25 employees or less



PEC is proud to be the top accrediting body for both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf, the two premier organizations dedicated to improving jobsite safety for industry.



Now Available in the Apple &

Google Play App Stores

Forgot your physical PEC ID card? Need to verify/validate your PEC, SafeLandUSA, or SafeGulf training to gain access to a location or worksite? The PEC Safety App, available in the Apple and Google Play app stores, will solve your problem by providing you a digital copy of your PEC ID card, which includes SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf validated courses.