PEC Safety has an available service called that provides employees, employers, and customers the ability to view, pre-qualify, and verify if an employee has taken any PEC Training, SafeLandUSA, and/or SafeGulf. This service is available to all in need of this information regardless of their customer status with PEC, in our efforts to help support the industry.




To access an individual’s training records, the user must possess the worker’s PEC ID number or first name, last name, date of birth, and the last four digits of their SSN/SIN number. Upon lookup, a photo is included on the worker’s training profile for further verification for onsite access. Lastly, expired PEC training records are also available to review to better understand the worker’s training history. is available on any smart phone or computer with internet capability.


Note: All SafeLandUSA records are available for verification, regardless of training provider, through Only SafeGulf taken through PEC is available for verification through


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