PEC E-News – February 2013

Industry News

Oil and Gas Industry Safety Stand DownThe oil and gas industry in six states and OSHA are teaming up for a voluntary event aimed at spreading the word on safety.   OSHA is working with the STEPS network to organize what is called a “Safety Stand Down” in the OSHA region VI, which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas, as well as in the state of North Dakota. PEC has committed to help get word out to the industry and to assist small contractors in participating.

Here is how the Safety Stand Down works

OSHA and the STEPS group are asking companies to voluntarily take an hour or two to stop all work and provide focused safety meetings on all their jobsites. This meeting provides effective communication of safety policies, goals and expectations through all levels of a team. The concept was tried in Oklahoma last year and was very successful.

For the OSHA Region VI states, the goal is to have as many companies as possible participate between now and the end of February. North Dakota’s stand down will be held between February 14th and March 14th.

There are two good sites where you can find information:

For the Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas stand down:

For the North Dakota stand down:

The STEPS Network

STEPS has emerged as one of the leading voices on safety for the oil and gas industry. The National Service, Transmission, Exploration & Production Safety (STEPS) Network is an all-volunteer organization which was founded in 2003 in South Texas by OSHA and Industry in an attempt to reduce injuries and fatalities in that region. The effort was successful, and STEPS has continued to grow, currently including seventeen independent networks serving fifteen producing states. Eight of the networks have signed formal alliances with OSHA.

STEPS participants have found it to be a very effective way to share safety information, get updates on OSHA and other agency initiatives and to build a cooperative relationship with OSHA regulators.

Click here to find a STEPS group near you.

PEC’s Involvement

At PEC, we’ve been longtime supporters of the STEPS network. We believe the industry can accomplish more by staying ahead of the curve on safety and working with OSHA on consensus industry standards than by waiting until accidents happen and OSHA is forced to rely on penalties to enforce safety regulations. PEC is helping with the stand down by promoting it to oil and gas operators and contractors throughout the country and by trying to make it easy for small service companies to participate.

PEC Safety Webinars

During the stand down, PEC will hold three free safety meeting webinars.  Small companies will be able to log in to participate and provide their personnel with a safety lesson that helps stress the Safety Stand Down message.    Details of the webinars are being worked on now and we will get word out when they are scheduled.  However, if your company would like make sure you get the word, contact us here.

Lafayette STEPS Pro Bono Assistance

If you are a small service company in the Lafayette area help is on the way and size should not keep you from participating in the Safety Stand Down. The STEPS group in Lafayette is taking a unique approach to the Stand Down. Given the number of small service companies and qualified safety professionals in the area, the Lafayette STEPS leadership is asking for volunteers who would be willing to give a free safety briefing at a local service company. They have asked PEC to take the lead in coordinating the process.

We would like to invite safety professionals who are willing to volunteer their time and to lend a hand to the industry to contact us here. If you are a service company that would like one of these safety professionals to come and hold a safety briefing at your office or worksite, contact us here.

This is a very simple way to share safety knowledge down to the deck level and to help keep our personnel safe.

PEC News

The Deadline to update Your Workers on New HazCom rules is December, 2013. R U Ready?A new OSHA training requirement deadline is coming for American employers and, by every indication, many companies are not ready. OSHA released new regulations on the international Global Harmonization System (GHS) last spring and said all workers covered by HazCom needed to be trained in the update by this coming December. According to the agency, that includes about 40 million workers. PEC is offering a new GHS and HazCom refresher training course to help companies meet the deadline. The course will be offered along with PEC’s new JSA training course through the PEC instructor network. That means approximately 1500 instructors in 32 states will be able to teach the courses after they attend a short webinar train-the-trainer course. For more information contact us here.

PEC offers new JSA course

Along with GHS, PEC is offering a new course that helps personnel learn to do Job Safety Analysis properly. Operators are starting to require the training and it is anticipated that offshore personnel will all need to be trained in JSAs when the government updates its Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) rules this year. The PEC course goes beyond a simple ‘check the box’ approach to JSA training by helping workers understand why JSAs are important: giving them simple, but effective tools for doing JSAs; and walking them through team exercises so that they know how to work together on JSAs. Contact us here for more information.

The New Core Compliance is Here

The Core Compliance is PEC’s three-day, comprehensive safety training program for oil and gas personnel. Now, PEC is rolling out the new, updated Core. The course has been completely revised to make it up-to-date with new regulatory requirements and industry practices, a dramatically better learning experience and the best one-stop course to train personnel in more than 40 different safety topics. Instructors are being briefed this month on the new improvements and will be ready to teach in February. For a preview video of the new Core Compliance program, click here.

HSE Odds and Ends

Safety Quotes In our last edition we included some good safety quotes and invited you to submit your own. Here are some of the ones we received:

  • “Think about the consequences of an unsafe action – would you let a loved one do that?”
  • “Make safety a priority no matter Who or Where or Why  – we all have someone who loves us.”
  • “Rule #1-At the end of the Day–Go Home in the same condition you went to work in”
  • “Rule #2-Were you Safe today or were you just Lucky?”

And here is one of our favorites:

“Never Saddle a Dead Horse.”  This is the way we teach personnel who are using a Crosby clip on wire rope to always put the “U Bolt” over the dead part of the cable (See Example). We have always thought it had a second meaning – Don’t make the mistake of pushing safety policies that aren’t effective. Sometimes we can get caught up in safety programs that aren’t much more than ‘check the box” approaches and forget that our objective was the keep people from getting hurt. Just like you shouldn’t put a saddle on a horse that will never reach its destination, you shouldn’t put your faith in any policy that doesn’t keep people safe.

If you have a favorite safety quote or words of wisdom that have helped get across the safety message, send it to us here.