PEC Premier Offers SEMS Guide for Offshore Contractors

With the looming deadline approaching for offshore oil and gas companies to implement Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) plans, a large number of service companies that send workers offshore are racing to meet their customers’ needs.   To accomplish that, PEC Premier, the leader in oil and gas industry training and contractor safety assurance, is offering a guide and series of workshops that help contractors put their existing safety approach into the SEMS format.   This will both allow them to raise their own safety awareness and better meet their customers’ needs.

The SEMS rules make the oil and gas companies responsible for every safety and environmental aspect of drilling, production and all other related activities offshore.   They must evaluate their contractors on safe work practices, training and a number of other key parts of the regulations.  As a result, contractors are looking for ways to demonstrate that they understand the requirements of SEMS and can readily show that they are aligned with their customers’ plans.

To help meet that need, PEC has produced a guide which explains the safety management approach to contractors and walks them through the thirteen elements of SEMS.  This will allow them to take their existing programs and either turn them into a SEMS plan or to map their safety and environmental policies and procedures directly to the elements of their customers’ plans.

PEC is also scheduling a series of workshops to further help contractors.  The first of these workshops are scheduled for October 4 in Lafayette, LA; October 11 in Mandeville, LA and October 13 in Houston, TX.

For additional information, contact Ken Wells at 800-892-8179 or by email at