Verification Package Renewal

PEC Safety’s Verification Package combines two of the most important aspects of reporting safety and training data into one package that makes it easy for your company to maintain compliance. Relevant documents and training records can be uploaded and archived using our simple online interface.



PEC Connect – The Select Contractor Directory

Become discoverable through our system by our owner clients (operators) to get hired. The Select Contractor Directory empowers our owner clients to search this exclusive directory to view key pieces of information from your general questionnaire, streamlining the pre-qualification and hiring process, and giving your company desired exposure.


File Uploading

Easily upload any required documentation such as training records and certificates, EHS manual, JSA’s, safety meetings, MSA’s, insurance certificates, as well as any other required documents.


File Storage and Archiving

Documents and records are stored and archived for up to six years. This gives you and your customer peace of mind that important documents will always be safe and available.


Advanced Training Tracker

Track all employee training, including third party training. All PEC Safety training is automatically added to your company’s Training Tracker for convenience. You have the ability to build training matrices and classify your employees based on job, location, business unit, department, etc.



Within Advanced Training Tracker, you can create customized employee IDs with a picture, scannable barcode, and completed training listed on the badge. (card printer required)


OSHA and EMR Verification

Your company’s OSHA logs and EMR documentation are verified so you and your customers can feel confident about the information entered into your company’s Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ).


Citation Verification

Your company’s violation/inspection section will be verified through Governmental sites, any violations reported are the violations received.


Insurance Certificate Verification

Your company will receive unlimited insurance verifications for all PEC Safety member operators. Rest assured in knowing that your insurance is current and meeting all required limits.


Safety Meetings

Receive a monthly safety meeting to satisfy operator requirements. Each month you will receive a presentation, quiz, answer key and a certificate of completion to distribute to your employees. You gain access to the Safety Meeting Archive that houses 36 past months of safety meetings.



Purchase Renewal

Total Current Employee Count - Please choose your company's current total employee count per last OSHA log which is subject to verification.

Employee Count

Renew Verification Package Subscription

1 - 4
5 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 99
100 - 149
150 - 249
250 - 349
350 - 499
500 - 999
Account Activation

If your company's annual Verification Package subscription is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, a reactivation fee of $199/$299 (based on employee count) will be added to the final cost of your Verification Package subscription for the year.


Contact Us

For questions or to purchase, please call PEC Safety’s Industry Benefits Department at 985.327.1331 or email *All sales are final. Please contact the Industry Benefits Department if a payment is made in error.