PEC Safety Featured in the Houston Chronicle

February 20, 2014

PEC Safety was recently featured in the Houston Chronicle on the importance of safety and the jobs created by safety in the Oil & Gas Industry. To view the article in the Houston Chronicle, please click here.

PEC Safety Developing Pipeline Orientation Module

February 3, 2014

PEC Safety is proud to announce the creation of an orientation module that can be used to enhance PEC Basic/SafeLandUSA. It is customized for workers in the Midstream/Pipeline segment of the Oil and Gas industry. PEC Safety will offer this module as an instructor led course as well as a Computer Based Training (CBT) module. PEC Safety is working with VeriForce to develop the CBT version that should be available for use by the 3rd quarter of 2014.

Materials will be available to compliment instructor-led PEC Basic Orientation and will also be available in a computerbased-training online module to students who have completed PEC’s Basic Orientation. This course will be available to any worker that has already completed the PEC Basic SafeLandUSA course. Upon completion of the Pipeline module the student’s proof of training will be uploaded into the SafelandUSA database by PEC Safety. This credential can be verified via the internet through

Some of the topics that have been added or enhanced in the Pipeline module are: Agencies and Regulations Relating to the Pipeline Industry, Preparation for Pipeline Transportation, Pipe Handling, Hazardous Materials, Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Equipment Operation and Maintenance, Excavation and Guidelines for the Pipeline. For more information email or call 985.801.4100.

Basic Pipeline Logo
Click here for downloadable press release.

PEC Safety Business Development | 985.801.4100

PEC Safety to Host 2014 OSHA Recordkeeping Seminar

January 15, 2014

PEC Safety will be conducting OSHA recordkeeping seminars to assist companies in the Oil and Gas Industry with how to properly complete their OSHA Form 300. Errors in a company’s OSHA Form 300 are one of the most common mistakes we see at PEC Safety and can affect how your customers view your company.

These seminars will feature Chuck Simpson, CSP, who has over 30 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Industry and has reviewed thousands of OSHA Form 300′s to become a recognized authority on 29 CFR 1904.

Dates and Locations:
Please click link to register.

Lafayette, Louisiana – February 6, 2014
4021-A Ambassador Caffery Suite 100
Lafayette, LA 70503

Mandeville, Louisiana – February 7, 2014
233 General Patton Avenue
Mandeville, LA 70471

Lafayette, Louisiana – February 13, 2014
4021-A Ambassador Caffery Suite 100
Lafayette, LA 70503

Mandeville, Louisiana – February 14, 2014
233 General Patton Avenue
Mandeville, LA 70471

Schedule: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Cost per Attendee: $499.00

Join us at our OSHA recordkeeping seminar and learn about:

- Applicability, or rather non-applicability, of Home Away From Home to company provided living quarters
- Common “Case Management” practices that OSHA considers unacceptable
- First Aid vs. Medical Treatment
- Safety Incentive Programs that may be perceived as creating disincentives to reporting injuries and illnesses
- Determining which Establishment an injured employee is associated with at the time of the incident
- When personnel other than employees have to be included on the Form 300
- Identifying business units that require their own Form 300
- Understanding the Specific Exemptions
- OSHA Recordkeeping and the Outer Continental Shelf
- Confidentiality and HIPA requirements for document disclosure
- What to do when confronted with conflicting medical opinions
- Determining when a Restricted Duty or Days Away From Work Case has ended
- Common Mistakes on the OSHA Form 300A
- Why you should be completing the OSHA Form 301 in addition to the Worker’s Compensation First Report of Injury Form
- How to accurately provide information on your OSHA statistics to customers

Registration is required and there is limited seating available. To register, please click on the link you would like to attend or contact PEC Safety at 1.866.647.2338. We look forward to seeing you there.

PEC Safety Received National STEPS Leadership Award

January 3, 2014

PEC Safety Joins Industry Roundtable for National Stand Down & Receives National STEPS Network Leadership Award for 2013

During the November 14, 2013 voluntary National Stand Down in Humble, TX, PEC Safety was honored to join the Oil and Gas E&P Industry Roundtable alongside AESC, API, & IADC.Elizabeth Haley represented PEC Safety and was presented with the 2013 National STEPS Network Leadership Award for her work launching three new STEPS Chapters:

  • - Far Western Region STEPS (Central California)
  • - Eagle Ford Shale STEPS (Pleasanton, Texas)
  • - KS STEPS (Hays, Kansas)

The broadcast was shown live coast to coast through the National STEPS Network Chapters, and is available to view here.

PEC Safety Sponsors Crystalline Silica Hazard Alert Video

PEC Safety Sponsors National STEPS Network Respirable Crystalline Silica Hazard Alert Video

Silica Poster
In conjunction with the National Stand Down, the National STEPS Network recently released a new safety & health video that brings awareness to Respirable Crystalline Silica and its potentially harmful effects in the workplace. PEC Safety, in conjunction with OSHA, NIOSH, and many other key industry organizations and educational institutions teamed up to create and sponsor this video. PEC was also honored to be chosen to design and produce the official “It’s Not Just Dust!” hazard recognition poster for the video. Click here to download poster. This video and poster were released during the November 14, 2013 voluntary National Stand Down in Humble, TX. The broadcast was shown live coast to coast through the National STEPS Network Chapters, and is available to view here.

MonDaks STEPS Officer Elections

November 26, 2013

MonDaks Officer Photo

PEC Safety’s own Dennis Schmitz was recently elected as Chair of the Montana and North Dakota (Mondaks) chapter of the National Service, Transmission, and Exploration and Production Safety (STEPS). The election was held at the Nuverra Power Fuels Training Facility in Watford City, ND on November 14, 2013 in conjunction with the OSHA National Stand Down. Other officers elected include:

Sam Ross (ROSS Petroleum Consulting) – Events Coordinator
Mike Paredes (BAHA Petroleum Consulting) – Co-Chair
Patty Furuseth (Jacam Chemicals, LLC.) – Co-Chair
Jenna Godt (WISCO Inc. A Gibsons Production Services Company) – Secretary
Teresa Van Deusen (WPX Energy, Inc.) – Co-Chair
Dennis Schmitz (PEC Safety) – Chair

STEPS is an all-volunteer organization, comprised of chapters across the United States, that promotes safety, health and environmental improvement in the exploration and production of oil and gas in US onshore operations. The organization consists of oil and gas operators, contractors, associations, and educators. PEC Safety is excited to have an employee participate in such a great organization. Congratulations to Dennis and all the other officers elected.

To view press release, click here.

Insurance Coverage & Safety

May 28, 2013

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Dave Huett, President, ICA and PEC’s Ken Wells published in the Spring 2013 LOGA Industry report.

The Macondo tragedy has fundamentally changed the way the oil and gas industry does its job. Some of the changes, like equipment requirements and regulations, came quickly. It has taken us some time to fully grasp the impact of some of the other changes, particularly those involving insurance and the need to foster a strong contractor safety culture.

As two of the leading companies involved in the evaluation of contractor safety and insurance, when PEC and ICA decided to align our services, we looked closely at industry trends, especially those resulting from the Macondo incident. [Read More]

Amazon Outreach Wells4Hope

April 16, 2013

Amazon Outreach Water Well logo

At the core of everything we do here at PEC, we have one ultimate goal in mind: helping people.  As a business we strive to help the hard working men and women of the oil and gas industry work in a safe manner so that they can return home to their families.  As people we want to engage in activities that help in other ways.

As such we began a fundraising campaign to partner with Amazon Outreach  out of Dallas, TX, in support of their Wells4Hope project.  Through the drilling of water wells, this project provides much needed clean, uncontaminated water sources to the people and villages along the Amazon River in Brazil.  Estimates show that globally 3.4 million people die every year from unclean water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes; a high percentage of fatalities are children.

For this reason our employees led our efforts to make a difference.  Our motto is “We Support Drilling, Clean Water Wells = Life”.  Through raffles, lunches, dress-down days, and other events we raised $5,000 in 6 months.  PEC matched that dollar for dollar and on March 25, 2013 we held a celebration luncheon, heard from guest speaker Jed Thompson – Executive Director of Amazon Outreach, and presented him with a check for $10,000.  To date, Amazon Outreach has drilled over 90 wells and we are excited that our funds will add 2-4 new wells to that list making those who will use them happier and much healthier.

To view pictures of our celebration luncheon, click on the gallery below.


PEC Training Highlighted in The Daily Review

March 22, 2013

The St Mary Parish Daily Review recently highlighted a PEC training program that focuses on giving high school students a jump start towards careers in the oil and gas industry. Below is an excerpt from the article “High school students gain experience with marine safety class”:

In January, 11 seniors from area high schools began taking a semester-long course called “Go Safe” which will give them the chance to earn 27 different industry certifications by the time they graduate in May.

The type of training instructors are teaching, however, is not a new thing for the technical college. The college has been providing the training for workers in the offshore industry for 12 years, said Carl Moore, SCLTC Young Memorial Campus marine coordinator.

On Wednesday, students took part in a firefighting exercise that included putting out a live fuel fire, said instructor Randy Savoie. “They have on the entire bunker gear,” Savoie said. “This is part of U.S. Coast Guard basic safety training. It is also part of the international maritime organization.”

Students have classroom time with lectures and are tested in addition to the field experience. The course is three hours a day, five days a week.

The course is being offered through a partnership between SCLTC and the St. Mary Parish School Board, Moore said. “The high school guys or girls, they find it interesting because it changed the way school is done,” Moore said. “But we’re trying to make them more valuable if they go to college or more valuable if they don’t go to college.”

Read the whole article here.

Battlefields to Oilfields

January 4, 2013

With 50% of the current experienced oil and gas industry workforce approaching retirement age, the “Great Crew Change” represents a unique opportunity for new, capable workers to obtain long-term careers in the oil and gas industry. Battlefields to Oilfields aims to prepare returning US veterans for fulfilling careers in the oil and gas industry.

Our program provides:

  • 50+ industry-recognized trainings and certifications
  • Five weeks of training
  • Housing and 3 meals a day
  • Full funding through the Post-9/11 GI-Bill
  • Job placement assistance
  • Personal protective equipment

If you are a veteran looking for employment, download our application here.

If you are an employer and are interested in hiring skilled B2O graduates, please contact us here.