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PEC Safety is an industry leading, risk-management company that provides a technology-enabled contractor management service for reporting and measuring contractor risk, safety and compliance information to owner clients (operators).

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PEC Safe Construction Orientation


PEC Safety is the technological safety resource for construction. By creating the first standardized safety orientation for the construction industry, PEC Safe Construction, we have developed a sturdy foundation for companies who will utilize our orientation to help develop a safety structure within their organization. PEC Safe Construction is a multi-functional orientation that can be utilized across any industry where construction is present.

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e-Learning Basic Orientation Refresher


Spend just two hours on PEC Safety’s new e-learning software refreshing the most widely utilized safety orientation, PEC Basic Orientation – accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf. You can take the e-learning PEC Basic Refresher course on your own time, when it is most convenient for you.



It is our belief that standardization is a key component to not only simplifying common safety practices and saving money for our customer, but also to make the work environment a safer place. From PEC Safety’s very beginning, safety and standardization have always been at the heart of everything we do.

H2S Clear (4-hour) NOW AVAILABLE

PEC Safety’s H2S Clear (4-hour End User) training course prepares general industry workers by providing crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S and the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in H2S environments. This course covers the classroom requirements of ANSI Z390.1 and will meet the new ANSI restructuring requirements.

The PEC H2S Clear (4-hour End User) training course is not only endorsed by Eric Rosemann, a CSP Board Certified Professional, but is trackable through PEC Safety’s Advanced Training Tracker and Student’s PEC training information is automatically entered into these databases free of charge.

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New Basic Orientation and Core Compliance Now Available

New Training Materials

The new 2016 PEC Basic Orientation and PEC Core Compliance training materials are here! These training programs have been optimized for efficiency and contain innovative learning methods, so you will remain engaged in the course materials – no matter what learning style works best for you, we have it covered!

Contractor Management

PEC Safety’s Contractor Management service will give you the tools to effectively and efficiently prequalify and manage your entire workforce. It is designed for maximum efficiency while meeting the needs of your EHS, Legal, Procurement, & Operations departments.


Get on board with SafeLandUSA. PEC Safety is the largest provider of SafeLandUSA Orientation. SafeLandUSA is a volunteer organization comprised of major and independent operating companies, industry associations, and educators with the purpose of developing a standardized orientation which sets minimum requirements for the US Onshore E&P Industry

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Get on board with SafeGulf. PEC Safety is the largest provider of SafeGulf Orientation. SafeGulf is a volunteer organization comprised of major and independent operating companies, industry associations, and educators with the purpose of developing a standardized orientation which sets minimum requirements for the US Offshore E&P Industry.

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Standardized Safety Questionnaire (SSQ)

In 1993, PEC Safety was created to administer a standardized safety orientation for the upstream oil and gas industry. Within four years, we developed the first online standardized safety questionnaire. The SSQ consists of 160 questions that gather your contractors’ company, HSE, and OSHA statistical information based on services they provide.

Network of Instructors

PEC Safety has the largest network of 2800+ authorized instructors in the oil and gas industry.

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